Italy, word icon of hospitality, art, architecture and design offers absolutely unique and exclusive wellness, leisure, food and wine itineraries. Each experience can be customized, based on the customer requirements.
  • pollenzo_it

Food and Wine Design

Knowing, experimenting and learning the secrets of Mediterranean cuisine and the wine that accompanies it through training courses and field experiences.
In Italy, the landscape changes at every step, as well as the language, the food, the wines in hundreds of itineraries to build together from East to West and from North to South; countryside, hills, mountains, coastline, islands and peninsulas, each territory carrying its identity, history, tradition and rituals.
Living a territory holding a glass of wine to familiarise with people, activities and products of excellence while improving through the courses and workshops dedicated to food and wine.

Duration 5-10 days | Stops, location: Italy

  • dolomiti_it

Art, culture and snow experience on Italian Alps

The Dolomites, part of UNESCO’s World Heritage, are formed by the accumulation of shells, corals and calcareous algae. Monte Bianco, Monte Rosa and Cervino are the most majestic European mountains included in an extraordinary ski and landscape tour. Leisure in the mountains. During every season we can live the mountains, discover its secrets, visit its exceptional artisans’ laboratories and taste its foods accompanied by “courageous” wines coming from indigenous grapevines located in the most difficult climatic areas.

Duration 5-10 days | Stops, location: Milan
Highlights: Milan, Dolomites, Valle d’Aosta

  • portofino_it

Design and local development between seaside, tradition and innovation

Italy is a peninsula embraced by 4 seas, Ligurian, Tyrrhenian, Ionian and Adriatic with 7.000 km of coastline, two large island, Sicily and Sardinia and other smaller and distinctive ones.
Mediterranean landscapes that change every kilometer to intensely live every moment spent on the land or on the water. The experiences we suggest are focused on the sea and the opportunities that it offers: seaside cities, harbours, small villages, waterfront, famous beaches, marine reserves, nature parks, food and wines “shaped by the sea”, culture marine, sea culture, art, nautical architecture and design, water sports and maritime traditions, activities and people that interact with the sea and the territories.
The sea can be experienced from the land and the waterfront can be enjoyed from the sea.

Duration: 3-10 days | Stops, location: Italian coastline
Liguria, Camogli, Portofino, Lavagna, Waterfront, Studio Piano, Cinque Terre, Ponente, Levante

  • comolake_it

Fashion and tour of Lake Como in Moto Guzzi

Lake Como represents an extraordinary sequence of sceneries filled with history, nature and poetry. From the most important Italian novel “I Promessi Sposi”, to the romantic scenes of “Star Wars” the background of its waters surrounded by the Alps is among the most coveted settings of the entire planet. Lake Como is also home of exceptional companies such as the famous Guzzi”.
Design and Trips offers the exclusive opportunity of a complete tour of the Lake riding the iconic Guzzi California motorcycles with senior bikers for an experience across one of the most exciting landscapes of Northern Italy.

Duration: 1–3 days | Stops, location: Milan, Bellagio, Mandello del Lario, Cernobbio
Highlights: Como Lake, landscape,